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The pressure cooker gets up to inexpensive way to ensure
that is to use the Sterilizer Indicator Tape for autoclaves, simply cut
off a piece and affix it to the tissue tek slide holders or copeland
jars. The tape will change color after 15 minutes @ 120oC and will read
"autoclaved", You can buy that stuff really cheap from Fisher
Scientific.  Also, since the pressure cooker is ELECTRIC you don't have
to worry about inconsistant heating sources...I'm sorry that I didn't
really state that I am talking about an electric pressure cooker.  We
sell them fairly inexpensive compared to some other companies, but it
doesn't matter who you buy it from, we only want the labs to use one.
One will do as well as the other given that it gets up to 120oC.  Our
protocol for the pressure cooker is 15 minutes under pressure, so the
autoclave tape works out really nicely....and no, I did not think you
were being argumentative :)

Michele L. Foshee
Technical Sales Consultant
Cell Marque Corp. 

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    Out of curiosity, How is the temperature of a pressure cooker
standardized? I am a die hard steamer user. I have a hole drilled in the
of the steamer, and a thermometer fitting snugly in it. I am very sure
is standardized through the process. I haven't seen pressure cookers
something like this.
    Please note, I don't have much experience with pressure pretreatment
(other than canning vegetables :-). So my opinion is probably somewhat
tainted by routine. So bear with me.
Amos Brooks
PS: If you think your response would be something the rest of the
would benefit from, you can post it there too. I just didn't want to
like I was being argumentative. (I didn't, did I ?? )
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I can understand your impatience. How would you like to completely
pretreat your slides in one easy step?  With a pressure cooker and
Trilogy or Declere, one can have those slides ready for the primary
antibody in @ 30 minutes! For more information, please go to the website
posted below.  Fellow histonetters.....those of you who use these
products, let Jack hear from you, too! Pressure cooker is the ONLY way
to go for HIER.  It completely standardizes protocol and is extremely
efficient no harmful fumes either because they are biodegradeable.  Good

Michele L. Foshee
Technical Sales Consultant
Cell Marque Corp.

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From: Jack Golden []
Sent: Friday, April 27, 2001 9:57 AM
To: 'Histonet' (E-mail)
Subject: Quick pretreatment

My lab is having some issues with our time efficiency.
 I am finding that we are having trouble running our
slides, even with our automation, because we are
having to go back and forth switching our slides
through these xylene channels during pretreatment.  We
are getting so-so results with our microwave, but the
main concern is time.  Is there a way to cut down on
this pretreatment time?  We've already killed almost
an hour just from running the xylene/alcohol.  Any

Jack Golden

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