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We have the same situation here, where many cases are sent off for several
reasons weekly. What we found the best tracking method for us is to put all
the information which you put in your log on the patients pathology report
in a data or comment section, so when we pull that report up weeks, months
or years later on the computer, we can see what was sent off, where and
when. In addition we also place in the same area if and when blocks and/or
slides have been returned. We currently use Meditech pathology system, and I
was able to add a section called "slide/block send off section" as a data
section. Hope this helps, feel free to email or call me if this isn't clear.

Michael LaFriniere PA, HT(ASCP_
Manager of Pathology
Memorial Hospital
Chattanooga TN

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Fellow Histonetters - I need your help!
My department get tons of request for old cases and I need to find a way to
keep better track of them [hopefully using the computer]. {We are using the
Sunquest system} Currently we write everything in a send-out log. The
problem comes when we are looking for a block/slide sent to another
institution that has not returned our material and we have a request several
months or years later for additional testing. We spend hours looking in the
log to find the item when I know there is a better way.
The info we write in the log is: date; case #; pt name; requstor; reason for
sending; material sent; sent to; sent via; release signed;  return
requested; item returned; date.  
I'm sure someone in histoland has a better system than I. This worked for a
long time, but as our case load has increased, we can hardly keep up.
Someone please share your expertise!   Thanks

Lisa C. Jackson, BS,HT(ASCP)
Histology Supervisor
St. Anthony's Medical Center
10010 Kennerly Rd.
St. Louis,Mo. 63128
314-525-1533  fax# 314 525-4354

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