Colloidal Iron

    Greetings to all.  
    Brief and to the point:  Are colloidal irons (with/without digestion 
also) known for inconsistencies?  If so, are there tips to learn and 
remember?  Basically, we digest when requested, use 12% glacial acetic/3min., 
Colloidal Fe/1hr., back to 12% glacial acetic/3min/3changes each, and finally 
into 5% Potassium Ferrocyanide-Hydrocloric Acid solution for 20 min.  We 
changed controls from umbilical cord to combination of pos/neg skin sections. 
 The problem as I understand it, is the digested slides are still staining to 
much blue and with other elements staining also.  I rinse the with and 
without separately and thoroughly before joining them together for the 
remainder of the procedure.  The procedure we have on hand is from old AFIP 
manual.  More current literature suggest a 2% Pot/Ferr-Hcl Acid solution.  
Would a 5% solution be what is making the with digestion stain more than it 
should?  Thoughts and comments are definetely appreciated.  

Deb King
Central Histology Facility
Sacramento CA  

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