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>Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 14:22:42 -0500
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>I just wanted to inform the subscribers of Histonet that we currently
>have the following position available in Histology.  Unlike the last one
>we listed with you, this one is permanent.  If I could list this on
>Histonet, I would really appreciate it.  Thank you very much for your
>time and attention to this matter.
>Mark Donnelly
>Staffing Department
>Aventis Pharmaceuticals
>Hoechst Marion Rouseel and Rhone Poulenc Rorer have adopted the name
>Aventis Pharmaceuticals to create:
>A New World-Class Pharmaceutical Company.
>Aventis Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to extending and enhancing human
>life through the discovery, development, manufacture and sale of
>pharmaceutical products.  Aventis Pharmaceuticals offers the power of
>global forces in pharmaceutical products and services , an excellent
>financial standing and a vision for the future that is unmatched in the
>Become part of the most exciting growth company in the pharmaceutical
>industry.  The formation of Aventis Pharmaceuticals has resulted in
>significant expansion of the North American Strategic Research Center in
>Bridgewater, New Jersey.  Please contact us immediately if you are
>interested in the following position.
>Histologist/Biorepository Specialist/Molecular Histologist
>Job Responsibilities:
> Collaborate with DI&A scientists on research projects utilizing human
>tissue repository for molecular pathology technologies: TaqMan, mRNA in
>situ hybridization (ISH),  immunohistochemstry (IHC), laser capture
>microdissection (LCM), etc.
> As Gateway keeper, receive tissue specimens from tissue collaborator
>shipments and RNA/DNA samples from scientists.   Register and archive
>specimens into freezer archives utilizing the Spectrum specimen
>inventory database and appropriate bar code labeling systems, entering
>necessary early data sets upon receipt.
> Communicate with Clinical Coordinator/Biorepository Database Manager,
>Pathologists and Molecular Pathology management on status of
>biorepository specimens received from various collaborations.   Assist
>biorepository database manager, as necessary,  in entering additional
>data sets from pathology and clinical reports into Spectrum as well as
>scanning documents into ancillary databases.
> Conduct appropriate histologic technique (tissue processing, cryo- and
>paraffin sectioning, etc.) and histochemistry (routine and special
>stains) to complement molecular histology technologies and to prepare
>tissue for histopathologic diagnosis (H&E, etc) by pathologists.
> Collect, prepare and maintain tissues and tissue slides for various
>assays as appropriate (including fixation, freezing, cryosectioning,
>cryostorage, etc.)
> Participate in establishing new histology based technologies, such as
>tissue microarrays.  Once established, design, create and section tissue
>microarrays for various molecular histology assays.
> Conduct IHC and ISH assays on various gene targets and tissues.
>Conduct histochemistry on adjacent tissue slides as well as on developed
>emulsion coated slides.  Assist in pre-screening and examination of
>IHC/ISH results.  Prepare summary tables of results.
> Conduct appropriate microscopy (brightfield and darkfield imaging,
>etc).    Enter and manage result images in image database. Record all
>experiments and results in research notebook.
> Conduct or oursource appropriate histotechnology as necessary, tissue
>processing and sectioning (frozen or paraffin), etc.
> Assist in other molecular pathology procedures as necessary (TaqMan,
>Laser Capture Microdissection,  Multiphoton/Confocal imaging, etc).
>Job Requirements:
> Effective management of time, excellent attention to detail, able to
>organize and complete multiple priority tasks, able to handle
>non-routine tasks using discretionary thinking, excellent mathematical
>apititude, excellent laboratory safety skills, excellent skills in
>laboratory equipment operation and maintenance, and strong computer
> Excellent negotiation and interpersonal communication skills.
>Ability to work in partnership with scientists from various groups on
>daily basis to accomplish tasks.  Incorporates Aventis values into daily
>work habits (respect for people, integrity, sense of urgency,
>networking, creativity, empowerment, courage)
> Solid background, technical experience and knowledge in biology and
>molecular histology technology (immunohistochemistry, mRNA in situ
>hybridization, apoptosis labeling, histology and histochemistry, etc.),
>use of radioisotopes,  etc.  EH&S training required in blood bourne
>pathogens, radiation, chemical hygiene, etc.
> Background and experience in animal handling, necropsy, collecting and
>working with animal or human tissues, as well as microscopy and imaging
>(brightfield, fluorescence, etc).
> Ability to analyze experimental data critically, draw rational
>conclusions, present technology and data at meetings, and prepare
>experimental reports.
>Education and Experience:
> BS/BA in biology, chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences or related health
>field with 3-5 years relevant experience in academia or industry

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