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IHC Resource Group Reference List        UPDATED 5-99 PR
In review by the IHCRG  03-01
Dr Shi and Clive Taylor's book on Antigen Retriveal 
Manual of Diagnostic Antibodies for Immunohistology, Anthony S-Y Leong, Kum
Cooper, F.Joel W-M Leong, Oxford University Press, 1999, ISBN 1-900151-316
Jules Elias, Immunohistopathology, A practical approach to Diagnostics,
ASCP Press, ISBN # 0-89189-300-8
Immunomicroscopy: A Diagnostic Tool for the Surgical Pathologist. V19.
Taylor, Clive.  W.B Saunders Company.  Philadelphia, PA  1986.
Applied Immunohistochemistry for the Surgical Pathologist.  Anthony S-Y
Leong  Edward Arnold, 1993
In Situ Hybridization.  Royal Microscopical Society Microscopy Handbooks.
Leitch, A.R et al.  Bios Scientific Publishers Ltd.  1994.
Advances in Immunohistochemistry. DeLeihs, Ronald A. Raven Press 1998
Atlas of Diagnostic Immunohistopathology.  True, Lawrence D.  J.B.
Lippincott Co.  1990
Handbook of Laboratory Solutions.  By MH Gabb and WE Latchem:  Chemical
Publishing Company, Inc.  Ny, NY.
Principles of Immunodiagnostics:  Aloisi RM:  The C.V.   Mosby Company;
Textbook of Immunology;  Barrett JT:                The C.V. Mosby Company,
Principles and Techniques in Diagnostic Histopathology,  Developments in
Immunohistochemistry and Enzyme Histochemistry;  Elias J:  
Noyes Publications, 1982
PCR Technology.  Principles and Applications for DNA Amplification;
Erlich HA (editor):  M. Stockton Press,  1989
Nucleic acid hybridization:  A practical approach; 
Hames BD and Higgins SL:  Oxford IRL Press,  1985
PCR Protocols.  A Guide to Methods and Application;  Innis MA, Gelfand
DH, Sinsky JJ and White TJ (editors):  Academic Press, Inc., 1990
Molecular cloning:  A laboratory manual;  
Maniatis TM, Fritsch EF and Sambrook J:  Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,
Fundamentals of Immunology;  
Myrvik Q and Weiser R:  Lea & Febiger,1984

Electron Microscopy in Molecular Biology;  
Summerville J and Scheer U:  IRL Press, 1987
Laboratory Manual of Histochemistry; Vacca LL:   Raven Press,  1985

Manual of Immunoperoxidase Techniques;  
Wordinger RJ, Miller GW, and Nicodemus DS:  ASCP Press, 1984
"Immunohistochemistry" Polak, Julia M. & Van Noorden, Susan 2nd ed. 1997.
Bios Scientific Publishers, Oxford. 160 pages.
Immunologic Staining, Electron Microscopy, and an Introduction to In-Situ
Hybridization and Flow Cytomentry,  A Self-Assessment Exam;
Elias JM, Council-Maguire N and Swisher B (editors)  
Published by:National Society for Histotechnology  
5900 Princess Garden Parkway  Suite 805  Lanham, MY 20706
Ramos-Vara JA and Beissenherz ME, J Vet Diean Invest 12:307-311, 2000
		>>>BIOS Scientific Publishers Limited 1999 aka Springer
Verlag New
York Inc  
			>>>ISBN #0-387-91594-x
		>>>Immunoenzyme Multiple staining Method,C.M. van der Loos 
		>>> should also have it, or access it.
	>>>Try website , <>
< <> >    

NCCLS Quality Assurance for Immunocytochemistry: Proposed Guideline (NCCLS
document MM4-P)
HistoMark Double Staining Procedures.  #ML-168-02.  KPL 1-800-638-3167
Handbook in Immunohistochemistry:  DAKO Corporation
Nonradioactive in Situ Hybridization Application Manual, second edition,
1996 Boehringer Mannheim Corporation 9115 Hague Road
P.O. Box 50414 Indianapolis, IN 46250-0414 USA 1-800-428-5433
Journal of Histochemistry/Cytochemistry
Journal of Histotechnology

Cell Vision
Analytical Morhphology, theory, applications and protocols
Ed. Jiang Gu, 1997 Eaton Publishing Co. ISBN # 1-881299-03-1
Immunogold Silver Stainng: principles, methods and applications
Ed. M A Hayat, CRC Press, 1995 ISBN# 0-8493-2449-1
Manual of Immunoperoxidase Techniques.  Wordinger RJ, et al
ASCP Press ISBN# 0-89189-173-0
Handbook, Immunochemical Staining Methods, DAKO Corp, Ed. Sally Naish, 1989
Copyright of DAKO Corp, Carpentiera CA
Applied Immunohistochemistry.
ISSN 1062-3345
Published quarterly by Lippincott Williams&Wilkins.  US subscriptions
Individual $125.00, Institution $156.00 Editor-in-Chief: Clive Taylor
Associate editors: Battifora, Cote, Gown, Rosai, Weiss.  Official Publ of
the Society for Applied Immunohistochemistry.

Immunohistochemistry II.   A.C. Cuello  John Wiley & Sons, 1993
Avidin-Biotin Chemistry: A Handbook.  Pierce Chemical Company, 1992
Neil Hand's article, in Journal of Histotechnology
on "Using Superheating using pressure cooking: its use and application
in unmasking antigens embedded in  methylmethacrylate" 21:231-236, Sept 1998
<> >         NSH IHC Resource Group website <>
Medical Matrix: A very useful
guide to medical resources on the net <>
The National Library of
Medicine's free search service
http:igm.nlmgov/  Internet Grateful Med:  another National Library of
Med. Free search service <>   an excellent free
search engine <>
IHC links
<>   IHC made simple, a nice
general discussion of IHC
See also:  Turbett GR and Sellner LN:  A comprehensive guide to
pathology resources avalable on the internet.  Advances in Anatomic
Pathology 3(5):313-335, 1996

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Can anyone out there recommend recent books on immunohistochemistry, both
from a pathology point of view and a laboratory technical aspect?  They
would need to include details on the uses of antibodies in pathology
reporting ie cytokeratins, lymphomas, tumour markers, etc.  We are about to
start this in our own laboratory and need to access some recent
I would need to know the title, author(s), publisher, publication year and
if possible ISBN number.  
Any information would be appreciated.
Mark Collins
Senior Laboratory Technician
Tralee General Hospital

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