bubble problems on glass coverslippers

From:Wayne D H <whohn@lycos.com>

I received a phone call from Deryck Kennedy of VerSci,Inc. in Ontario, Canada in response to the questions I posted here concerning bubbles on glass coverslippers and tape lifting on tape coverslippers.

VerSci is the exclusive Canadian rep for Hacker instruments. He called to find out why the Hacker coverslipper wasn't on my short list. When I explained about the bubble and dryback problems I had heard about here on Histonet, he told me the same problem had occurred in a number of Canadian labs using Hacker coverslippers. He is very sure he has found the cause and the solution as he has cured the bubble/ dryback problem for all his customers. He feels his "fix" applies to all glass coverslippers in U.S or Canadian labs that were working well, but have developed a bubble and/or dryback problem in the past 16 months or so (i.e. he will talk to Leica owners too!).
Because of the nature of the problem and the remedy he prefers to have people contact him directly at: 
         1-888-293-5127 or fax 1-519-780-091

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