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Steve Machin UK Answers:

Look no further, we have had the same problem for a
number of years.
We too looked at the alcohol and xylene to no avail.

The problem is caused by the last alcohol on the slide
absorbing water from the air before the slide drops
into the first clearing xylene.

If you take the slides from the last alcohol and put
into xylene straight away then you don't get water on
the slides.  However if you drain the slides,as the
machine does, before putting them in you do get water
on them.

Our solution to the problem is to go from alcohol to
two xylenes and then into an empty final tank.  Yes
empty.  If the slides don't have enough time to air
dry then take them off the stainer and onto your
mounting bench.  We have a downflow mounting bench so
they dry within a few seconds.  When dry, place in
xylene to get rid of the air in the sections before
mounting.  Thick smears take longer to air dry and
much longer to become wetted by the mounting xylene.

Best Wishes
Steve Machin UK

--- "Horn, Hazel V" <> wrote: >
Hi all,
> We are being driven crazy by water on our slides at
> the end of the staining
> cycle with our linear stainer.    We have changed
> brands of xylene
> substitute, alcohol, mounting media.   We have added
> more stations of
> absolute.   We have changed slide manufacturers.  
> I'm beginning to wonder
> about the humidity in the air.   We have a "cheap"
> little monitor and it
> measures our humidity to be between 45 and 55%.   
> This started happening
> about 2 months ago and now we are at a loss of what
> to try next.    Do you
> think a dehumidifier would be the answer??   
> HELP!!!!!
> Thanks,
> Hazel

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