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>Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 09:33:35 +1000
>To: "Horn, Hazel V" <>
>From: Laurence Reilly <>
>Subject: Re: water on our slides
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>G'day Hazel,
>Check to see that the draining time after the last ethanol is not too
long. If this is the case the alcohol evaporates and the cooling effect of
evaporation will make the slides quite cold and water vapour from the air
will then condense on the slides.
>We have seen this problem quite often in our undergraduate classes when
the students are staining manually and trying to be too thorough at
draining their slides.
>             Regards,  Laurie.
>At 11:53  10/04/01 -0500, you wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>We are being driven crazy by water on our slides at the end of the staining
>>cycle with our linear stainer.    We have changed brands of xylene
>>substitute, alcohol, mounting media.   We have added more stations of
>>absolute.   We have changed slide manufacturers.   I'm beginning to wonder
>>about the humidity in the air.   We have a "cheap" little monitor and it
>>measures our humidity to be between 45 and 55%.    This started happening
>>about 2 months ago and now we are at a loss of what to try next.    Do you
>>think a dehumidifier would be the answer??    HELP!!!!!
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