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I would be wary of leaving tissue in most fixing or transfer solutions that long.
There was a study done in the 50s in which portions of brain tissue collected in the field (believe that this was in Africa) were stored in
50% glycerin. The tissue could be left in this solution and autolytic and bacterial decomposition were  prevented. When required the tissue
was then placed in fixative. This technique permitted multiple samples to be collected  under field conditions and then examined when back at
the lab. If my memory serves me correctly,  the study was looking at Negri bodies and was published in the Journal of the Institute of
Medical Laboratory Technology in England. I have  used this technique to transport samples to another investigator who wanted to carry out
IHC using frozen sections. The histology was not as quite as good as with the standard method of freezing or of fixing and then cutting
frozens but did provide the information we wanted.
Hope that this helps.


> Hi histonetters,
> I have a researcher who will be collecting specimens world wide for an HIV study.  Many of these will be coming from 3rd world countries.
> My question is:  Is there a fixative that these can be collected in and remain for 4-6 weeks before Immunostains are performed on them?
> Thanks in advance!
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