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Hi Michelle.

There has been some studies on the "storage subject" recently, both blocks
and sections. Below is a list of some of these publications.

Kenneth Wester

Storing of paraffinblocks and sections

1.	Henson, D. E. Loss of p53-immunostaining intensity in breast cancer
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and research immunohistochemistry associated with epitope instability in
stored paraffin
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>Thanks to all who responded about my IHC decreased staining post.
>Several people have mentioned storage of the controls.  Some are purchased
>slides, so obviously they are precut and they are stored in the
>refrigerator.  But most are freshly cut from blocks which are stored at
>room temperature.  I was under the impression most people store blocks at
>room temperature, is this correct?  How long can controls last?  We just
>started doing histology so our oldest blocks are only 6 months old.
>Michelle Peiffer
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>phone: 814-865-0212

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