Re: soakers

From:Connie McManus <>

I soak my stuff in DI water with approx. 5 mL of fabric softener added
and well mixed.  This works for all kinds of tissues.  I've used weak
NH4 before, but only for very hard things, like cartilage and toenails. 
I found that if I soak these in a decal solution, it works even better. 
Because of the recommendations some on this list have made to soak in
ice water, I have tried that, but I like the fabric softener solution
best of all for the tissues that must be soaked.

just my 2 pennies worth
Connie McManus

Rebecca S Smith wrote:
> Just curious!  Are we all talking about soaking with just good ole H2O?  We
> have 3-4 different things we soak in besides the usual water.  For the
> bloodier specimens we find that a weak solution (1-5%) of ammonia hydroxide
> is helpful.  This particular solution is quite helpful on cartilagenous
> tissues also.  We have a "fibrous soak" and a decal 'block surface' soaker
> too.  Just thought I'd add my 2 cents and a little variety to our lives=2E


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