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Paddington is a bear in a series of children's stories.  Since he is
cleverer (but no wiser) than Winnie-the-Pooh, he wears wellies to keep his
hindpaws dry.
Wellies are short for "Wellingtons", mid-calf length boots.  Children's
wellies are usually made of black rubber and leave a ring-around-the-calf if
worn with shorts.
(When I lived in Philadelphia, I wore leather wellies in in winter.)

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Dr. Ian,

Huh???  Please explain what Paddingon and Wellies are.

Connie M

"Dr. Ian Montgomery." wrote:
> John,
>         What about the other ring, common in children from the UK, the
> ring-around-the-calf. Mostly found in Primary School children during
> the long dark wet winter months when Wellies are a common footwear. As
> you'll probably remember, the ring is an almost constant feature among
> children who develop a love for Paddington and have to be surgically
> removed from the beloved Wellies.
>         I wonder if Compo went to his grave with the ring, he almost
> certainly had one around-the-collar.
>  Ian.
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