Re: Is it formalin or saline

From:Connie McManus <>

That is a cool idea!  I will keep this in mind. We have a mystery
solution that seems to appear from time to time in the tissue containers
that are set in the necropsy/cutting room pass-thru.  It seems to be 70%
ETOH judging from the way the tissues look when they're taken out for
trimming in, but no one can figure out who puts it there or why.  We
have such a small group of people working here, that it's usually fairly
easy to track down who did what when, but not this.  anyway, this little
trick.. and the one John Kiernan mentions using Schiff reagent, will
come in handy when this happens again.

Connie M.

David Grehan wrote:
> Have you ever been asked if a specimen has been placed in formalin or
> saline but you are reluctant to have a sniff and blast your mucous
> membranes?.
> Here is a simple test ;
> Add  few drops of the fluid to 1 ml of your reticulin silver solution.
> If it turns white the fluid is saline.
> If it turns black you have got formalin .
> Easy!
> David Grehan
> .


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