Re: Hirschprung's Disease - Urgent request for ACHE procedure

From:Marvin Hanna <>

David Cardwell writes:

>A clinician wants us to carry out the ACHE procedure for

>Disease. One of our pathologists has experience in reading them at a

>paediatric hospital, and I have done the lab procedure many times

>but I don't have a copy of the procedure.


>Any help would be much appreciated.


>- David Cardwell,


<fontfamily><param>Geneva</param>Hi David,

A search of the Histonet archives
<<> shows 29 results for
"Acetylcholinesterase" (AChE) including a procedure posted by Ronnie
Houston at

 John Kiernan also provides some excellent commentary on the two groups
of methods for AChE at

Hope this helps,

Marvin Hanna


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