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Hi Tim, I thought you were a FileMaker fan! 8^}

"Morken, Tim" wrote:

> I have had a lot of people ask for an example of the antibody info sheet I
> mentioned (below). I will send printouts via email to those people, but I
> thought anyone interested in that sort of thing would be interested in the
> workshop I will be giving at the NSH convention in September. It will cover
> developing databases in MS-Access and will specifically cover applications
> to IHC and other lab testing and documentation. This will be an advanced
> class and will assume you have used Access before.
> Tim
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> Joe, CLIA was satisfied with our records showing previous uses of
> antibodies. I developed a database that keeps track of all experiments and
> can collate all uses of any antibody into an "antibody information sheet."
> This sheet shows all information about a particular antibody, including all
> previous uses of that antibody, slide by slide, and the results of those
> uses, including comments about performance.
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> Subject: Revalidating immuno reagents
> Good morning all,
>         During the last two days, we have been inspected by CLIA. The
> inspector found an expired immuno reagent in the refrigerator (I know, shame
> on me).  I explained to this person that although the reagent is expired, I
> always run a known positive control with each run.  If the control didn't
> work, the case is repeated with another lot number. This was not good enough
> for this person. She wanted proof.  Short of performing a short immuno run
> in front of this person, I couldn't site any references.
>         Does any one have a procedure that can be referenced dealing with
> validaing and re-validating reagents?  I'll also mention that each primary
> antibody gets titered upon receipt and each new detection kit gets tested
> and the results recorded before it is put into use.
>         Thanks in advance.
> Joe Nocito, B.S., HT(ASCP)QIHC
> Histology Supervisor
> Christus Santa Rosa Hospitals
> San Antonio, Texas

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