Re: Bone Labeling of Animals

From:Barry Rittman <>

how do you plan to administer the xylenol orange. If you are giving this as IV
then have to be careful that you give an adequate volume of fluid rather than a
bolus which can cause several problems.

"Bobst, John" wrote:

> I am currently doing study on spine fusion in a bovine model.  We are
> looking at fusion rates and bone growth.  Therefore, we are going to do 4
> different bone labels: oxytetracycline, alizarin complex, fluoroscein, and
> xylenol orange.  Has anyone ever heard of any side effects of xylenol orange
> or any of the others?  I have heard that the animals could present a color
> similar to the dye for a short time following injection.
> Sincerely,
> John A. Bobst
> Research Assistant II
> University of Iowa
> Bone Healing Research Laboratory
> Iowa City, Iowa

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