RE: storing controls

Do you keep test (or patient blocks) in refrigerator?  Just curious about
your thoughts regarding having a control  block/section nicely positive for
"X" from the refrigerator stained next to a test section/block for "X" that
has been stored at room temp and is negative.  Would it truly be so?

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We store all of our control blocks and slides in the refridgerator.


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> Thanks to all who responded about my IHC decreased staining post.
> Several people have mentioned storage of the controls.  Some are
> slides, so obviously they are precut and they are stored in the
> refrigerator.  But most are freshly cut from blocks which are stored at
> room temperature.  I was under the impression most people store blocks at
> room temperature, is this correct?  How long can controls last?  We just
> started doing histology so our oldest blocks are only 6 months old.
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