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There is also a program at Florida Community College at Jacksonville, FL. It
is on-line with just a couple of weekend visits to the campus. Contact - <> 

Joyce Weems
Pathology Manager
Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta

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	Yes. No. Sort of.

	I do not know of any NAACLS-accredited histology program where you
can take
	the courses on-line, and "graduate" from the histology program.

	I know of two NAACLS-accredited HT programs that might be of
	depending upon your need.

	1. Indiana University School of Medicine

	This is a 10 month program, taught via weekly 1 1/2 hour
	There is also additional homework, exams, slides that need to be
	special stains that need to be done. These are mailed to IU, and are
	This is set up for people ALREADY working in a histology lab, but
	need/want additional help learning about histotechnology and
preparing for
	the registry exams.

	Upon completion, you receive 24 college credits from Indiana
University, and
	a certification of completion of the program. You are also eligible
to sit
	for the ASCP Board of Registry histotechnology exams.

	If I remember correctly, they only take about 24 sites
(hospitals/labs) each
	year. Courses start in about July. So they may have already chosen
	students for
	this year, but you can always ask to see if there is still time to
	(You do have to pay for the 24 college credits.)

	For more information, contact:
	Glenda Hoye, BS, HT(ASCP) Program Director

	2. Harford Community College, Bel Air, MD>

	Floyd Grimm, MEd. HT(ASCP), Program Director, HT Program, announced
at the
	Educators' forum at the 2000 NSH S/C that most of his courses are
now on
	line for his students. The students in his NAACLS-accredited HT
program do
	their coursework over the internet and via email. However, they
still have
	to come to the college to do the lab portions of the classes. And
they still
	have to do a rotation through a hospital lab.

	He also mentioned at that forum that the college would be willing to
	other people take the coursework via the internet and email, such as
	histotechs working in the field anywhere in the US. These additional
	could be anyone who wants to take the didactic (bookwork) part of
	coursework via the internet and email. Someone at the college would
	grade these people's homework.

	However, if I understood Floyd correctly, these people would NOT be
	college credits, nor are they considered to be students in the
	program. That is because they would NOT be coming to the college to
take the
	lab portion of the chemistry and biology courses, nor the
	courses. Nor would they be doing rotations through the affiliated

	If you are interested in this, you would be paying the college some
fees for
	the privilege of taking the written portion of the histotechnology
class via
	the internet, and of having your homework and exams graded via
email. You do
	NOT earn college credit. You are NOT a student in the
	program. You ARE, however, learning the same book-stuff as the

	I think this would be a great way to study at your own pace, at the
	that are convenient to you.

	For more information, contact

	Floyd Grimm,

	Hope these two programs can help you.

	Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
	Schools of Histotechnology
	William Beaumont Hospital
	Royal Oak, MI 48073

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	> Does anyone know of any histology programs or schools that offer
	> histology programs?
	> Thank You,
	> Kim Lamey

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