RE: necessary info on surgery req

From:"Horn, Hazel V" <>

Hi Marjorie,
Because of Corporate Compliance issues, we created a new pathology req that
requires the surgeon (or submitting clinic doc) to sign the form.   This
form becomes part of the chart as orders for pathology.   (This was done
because the orders for pathology tests were not getting to the charts).
This has been a frustrating process, as sometimes we have to call the docs
and get them to come and sign the forms.   

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> Hi All,
> I have some questions for those of you who work in a hospital and receive
> specimens/requisitions from surgery. We are re-doing the hospital form and
> trying to determine what needs to stay on the form. 
> My questions are: Is there a place on the req for the surgeon to sign,
> does
> the surgeon sign the req, do you know of any regulatory requirements to
> have
> the surgeon sign the req?
> Marg

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