RE: Formaldehyde neutralizing vs recycling

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We Neutralex - works well for us.
Joyce Weems
Pathology Manager
Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta

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	Subject:	Formaldehyde neutralizing vs recycling

	Does anybody have any information or bias regarding formalin
treatment prior
	to disposal or recycling?  I'd like to hear from some places who are
	treating their formalin before disposing of it, and from others who
	recycling it.  It seems expensive to neutralize the formalin, but
one has to
	weigh that against collection and handling formalin (testing and
	re-buffering, not to mention formaldehyde exposure with loading and
	unloading a recycling machine).  It seems that for the long run,
	is the best bang for the buck, but I do have concerns about
increasing our
	exposure levels with all that handling.

	Thanks for your input!

	-Teri Johnson
	Physicians Reference Laboratory
	Overland Park, KS

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