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From:"Auld, John" <>

> Date: 3 Apr 2001 12:21:45 -0600
> From: <>
> Subject: RE: Daily Digest
> Hello
> Does anyone have a great T cell marker that they are using for
> Immunotperoxidase technique? We are having a few problems with the CD-3
> marker we are currently using like to much overall staining making
> differentiation impossible.
> Any sugestions would be aprreciated. We do have adequate blockings and
> just can't get any consistent results.
> Thanks
> Debra Ritter
> Histology dept
> St. Marys Hosp.
> Grand Junction, Co.
> 970-244-2080
	Dear Debra

	In our lab (and others)  Dako polyclonal CD3 is a great T cell
marker. I have not used monoclonal CD3, but have only heard indifferent
comments (no doubt someone will soon correct me). Antigen retrieval is
important for good staining. We use citrate buffer pH 6.0 in a pressure
cooker, but a microwave is almost as good. If you use enzyme retrievalthe
staining can be affected by the fixation time.   

	Hope this is helpful, but you probably do this already.

	John Auld
	Royal Free Hospital 

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