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We have age specific competency for our lab and for that matter, the entire
hospital.    It was written for us by administration.    They have several
categories of competency guidelines and every year every employee takes a
test on the category of patient contact they fall into.  (ours is minimal
patient contact)  And yes, it is required for the ENTIRE hosptial for JCAHO.

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> Hi, we will be having our JCAHO inspection soon.  The clinical lab manager
> says we need to fill out a age specific competency appraisal.  As far as
> I'm concern it does not apply to histology but she insist that it does?
> Does anyone out there have a appraisal that is more pertinent to
> histology??? Thanks for your help
> Kathy Gorham, H.T.
> Grande Ronde Hospital

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