Murine Langerhans antibody

From:Gayle Callis <>

AKA Dendritic cell, NLDC 145 (DEC 205) from Serotec.  Check out the BD
Pharmingen website and go to their HOTLINES, they came out with a number of
antibodies for mouse dendritic cells plus a nice three page blurb on this.
They may have another clone for these cells.     

Excellent original article: Kraal G et al,  Langerhans cells, veiled cells
and interdigitating cells in the mouse recognize by a monoclonal antibody.
J Exp Med 163:981-997, 1986    

SEROTEC and Pharmingen should be sources or rat antibody for Langerhans.  

We have NLDC 145 cell line and grow up our own antibody, works nicely since
SEROTEC sells supernate.  

We do not do FFPE tissues, frozen sections only - and with this antibody, I
am not sure it will work with FFPE.  Lymph node and spleen make good
positive controls 



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