Medical necessity software for Meditech users

To all Meditech users please read on:
Does anyone use the medical necessity software that Meditech offers at no 
cost?  If so, at what point does the software check the diagnosis codes,  at 
the enter/edit requisition field?  Is it working for your laboratory?  At our 
hospital the admitting dept. is responsible for admitting outpatient 
requisitions and getting an "X" number, but the turn-around-time is too long. 
  Our laboratory director wants the lab staff to admit outpatient 
requisitions using a one-page admitting screen to obtain an "X" number, so we 
can speedily proceed with testing, and admitting department will then 
complete the 6-page admissions form when time permits, but we are at  a 
stumbling block with medical necessity.
The medical necessity software Meditech offers comes up when ordering the 
tests.  Therefore, if we admit the patient using the one-page admission form 
(REF), we must also code the clinical diagnosis in the Abstracting module, 
(this is presently done by Admitting when registering the outpatient reqs).  
The lab  does not have time to code diagnoses.   Can anyone help?  Thank you.

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