Fluorescent staining

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Immunochemistry 2 from IRL Press at Oxford University Press, ISBN
0-19-963609-5, approx $50.
A.P. Johnstone adn M.W. Turner, part of The Practical Approach Series,
Series Editor: B.D. Hames.  Excellent chapter on IFA immunohistochemistry,
and other info tossed into the deal. 

Info in 

Immunoenzyme Multiple Staining Methods, C.M. van der Loos, go to
www.springer-NY.com, ISBN # 0-387-91594-X, BIOS Scientific Publishers, part
of the Royal Microscopical Society Microscopy Handbook Series - 45.  

The latter book has info on doing more than IFA work, and invaluable to our

Some approaches to IFA staining is very practical i.e. rinsing, storage,
dealing with glowing garbage, tricks for double staining with two rat
antimouse antibodies, staining in dark or covered, mounting media to lessen
quenching, and learning about different fluorescent markers - some more
resistant to quenching than others.   Molecular Probes is an excellent
source of some IFA probes, go to their website, check out the Alexa dye
probes, conjugated to secondary antibodies and Strepavidin, also Jackson
Immunoresearch has a great catalog and products that will not break the bank. 

If your work is with GFP, go to Clontech and look at their Living Colours
manual on website. 

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