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Dear Colleagues,
    Have you ever been told that it is a violation of the antitrust law to 
ask another Histologist in another hospital about their wages? I was, and I'm 
    We are a small laboratory that includes  Pathology, Nuclear Medicine, 
Cytology, and Histology departments. For years we have surveyed other local 
labs to justify any wage increases and other benefits.  
    We surmise that the Pathologists , with whom we negotiate, survey their 
colleagues for the same information.
    Times have changed, and we're now employees of a larger company. The new=20
employer tells us that we may only collect “public information” or buy a=20
survey.  We could loose our jobs if we do otherwise. 
    I understand that antitrust law prevents collusion between companies  
driving up their price to consumers by price fixing. Fine, me too. I 
understand trade secrets, and proprietary formulas of products.  It's a 
secret! If we had one, you can bet I’d keep my big mouth shut too! 
    This feels a little bit like Big Brother is watching (and listening).  I=20
hope I'm wrong. I like my work.


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