storage of antibodies

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It is not recommended that ALL antibodies be stored at -80C, we store some
at -24C or thereabouts, in a small floor freezer, that is not a self
defrost, a GE that cost approx $200/unit, a fit under the counter unit, no
bigger than an incubator, with adjustable temps.  It has been an
inexpensive workhorse for years, and certainly cheaper than the -80C
monster units (which we also have in research situation).  Some antibodies
cannot be stored as long as others at -24C temps, and one of my PI's stores
most of his 
supernates at this temp for years.  WE also store our normal serums and
anything else that requires this freezers -24C temperature range.  

Some antibodies, Strepavidin Alexa fluorochrome conjugates, chromogen
mixtures, etc have lesser temperature needs for storage.  One needs to
follow storage directions found in the manufacturers PRODUCT SPECIFICATION
SHEET to insure optimal conditions for any particular immuno reagents. 

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