specimen transport bags

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From:Becky Scholes <raws43@hotmail.com>
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I accidentally deleted the e-mail address of the pathologist on Histonet who 
wanted to know where to order specimen transport bags with a pouch for the 
request form.  I work in an outreach laboratory, so these are essential for 
transporting myriads of specimens from nine couriers.  It has saved many a 
requisition from being soaked from leaky containers.  Many lab supply 
companies sell them.  LabGuard is the brand we use, but there are many 
others.  You can order them through Allegience or Fisher.
   Allegience   800/964-5227      6"x9"  case of 1000 cat# B1209-1
   Fisher  800/640-0640   6"x9"  case of 1000 cat# 22-306295

Becky Scholes
Iowa Pathology Associates
Des Moines, IA
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