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Hello all,

Here are the results of the mini survey that I have conducted. First a
big Thanks! for the folks  who answered! I received 9 replies. Replies
were from the West coast (2), East coast (2 plus myself), Midwest (1)
and 4 unknown's. Techs grossed in everything from only biopsies, to
biopsies and non complex smalls ( tonsils, prostate chips ) to biopsies
and smalls and non complex larges ( gallbladders ) to everything (
mastectomies, colons for CA, radical necks.). And one group does
necropsis on large and small animals. The common thread was that this
was " in addition " to regular histotech duties. People regulary rotated
through the gross bench, some subbed in, some grossed in every day, it
was equally divided. Now for the nitty gritty: salary ranges: The ranges
were at a lowest going rate of roughly $12 an hour /$25,000 year to a
high of roughly $19 an hour /$ 40,000 year. The East coast made a bit
more than the West coast, (see the most recent salary survey in lab
medicine). Keep in mind that some tech's had no bureacratic duties,
others had alot. Another common thread was that everyone felt that they
were not adquately compensated for these grossing duties.  So there it
is!! Any questions email me at

Thanks!  Kathy

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