it's Friday, are you ready for a laugh about thawing antibodies?

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Thawing aliquots of antibodies, prediluted, or otherwise, in small tubes
can be done at body temperature to thaw them fairly quickly, without having
to use a 37C waterbath! Now for the nitty gritty, and I can hear the laughs
coming now!

A pocket works well for guys and gals.  For the gals, and my favorite, is
the private, more discreet way of slipping the tube into your bra, unless
you are liberated and braless!!  On a summer day, a cooling experience,
but, it works!  Beware - people walking in on you will turn red and run!
Discretion is the better part of valor, but practicality won out years ago.
 Large 50 ml tubes are not advisable, too large, too cold! You don't want

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