gemini vs. sakura

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Please help.  We are about to purchase a "multi-task" stainer.  We love our
Dako autostainer for immunohistochemistry but we need a stainer for H & E's
and Trichromes and other stains.

We are debating between the new Gemini from Shandon and the Tissue-Tek
DRS 2000 from Sakura.  So far all I can find out is they are "about" the same
but the Gemini is new (are there bugs to be worked out?) and the Tissue-Tek
is a proven product.  I would appreciate any info good or bad about either

I know these type questions get asked frequently so I apologize if this info was
talked about and I also thank you in advance because you guys are always so

Nancy Cardwell
Plastic Surgery Research
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Nashville, TN   USA

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