Tissue Processors

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From:"marjorie lehman" <Marjorie.Lehman@unilever.com>
To:histonet <histonet@pathology.swmed.edu>

Hi Histonetters,
First, I would like to thank T.J. Kuwahara for posting the information about
companies which still take care of Technicons!!!  I contacted G&G Instrument
Corp and learned that they will recondition (or at least try to) any
Technicon!!  You must, however be willing to ship the instrument to them ....
They don't make house calls!!
      Now I have a request to make of  Netters in the USA, East Coast
especially.  My company requires that when I fill out my requisition for repair
I give a "Maximum amount" estimate, so I don't spend more for repair than I
would for a new instrument. Would some of you tell me how much you paid for
your new (non-Technicon) processor so I have some ball-park figures to use.  I
love both my Technicons and want them fixed!!
Thanks very much.
Marge Lehman
Unilever Research US
Edgewater, NJ

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