Tissue Processors

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From:Ron Rainbow <ron.rainbow@dchs.tas.gov.au>
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I have only just subscribed to Histonet. In Australia we have an 
equivalent called Histomail. I guess what I notice most about both 
systems is the wonderful feeling of closeness with like 
minded colleagues and the freedom to ask questions no matter how 
simple they may be. It is probably one of the best educational 
sources around for people in isolated laboratories and for many 

Back to tissue processors.

 I have to agree with Kathy Oprea with regard to the Leica TP1050. We 
purchased ours in 1994 and have been very happy with its versatility, 
reliability, reagent management system, ease of use, etc, etc. We 
also have a Shandon Hypercenter which is OK but not a scratch on the 
TP 1050. Another lab in Tasmania, Australia recently purchased a TP 
1050 as well after their chief scientist saw our unit and they 
equally impressed.

It is really a fantastic tissue processor.

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