Tellyesniczky's fixative

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I'm impressed with anybody who can get Hungarian to work in e-mail, let alone 
read it. I'll try again to get a copy of Radnoti Miklos' poem "Level a 
hitveshez" onto my Web site - not even going to TRY those accent marks in 

Tellyesniczky's fixative (boy, do I love copy-and-paste) appears to be one of 
many fixatives, published and proprietary, of approximately this composition. 
As I've posted before, I use Davidson's fixative (3 parts water, 3 parts 
waste ethanol, 2 parts 37% formaldehyde, 1 part glacial acetic acid) for such 

Alexander Nader replied:

>>Is that Tellyesniczky's fixative? (essentially formol/ acetic/ alcohol)
IMHO Tellyesniczky is a Polish name, but I found a Kalman Tellyesniczky in
an Hungarian Journal, former head of the department of Anatomy at the
Semmelweis-Medical-School in Budapest (
 Tellyesniczky Kálmán (orvos, anatómus, egyetemi tanár, tanszékvezető;
 képzőművészeti anatómus, ma is használatos szövettani fixál=F3 szer
 előállítója; Tellyesniczky János vízépítő mérnök öccse; öngyilkos lett)
 For all of us who can read fluently Hungarian....<<

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