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From:Amos Brooks <>
To:"P. Emry" <>
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    There is a lift off procedure to transfer sections from one slide to
another. You can use a gel like coverslip that hardens as it cures in the
oven. After the coverslip is hardened you can place it in a coplin jar of
distilled water in a float bath. The float bath needs to be at about 55-60
degrees (usually the highest setting for your microtomy bath). This will
loosen the coverslip from the slide. Then after about an hour you then remove
the slide from the jar and float the coverslips off in a float bath at 40-42
degrees (normal operating temperature). With it come the sections. The
sections are then separated and floated onto another slide. Then place the
slides in an 60 degree oven overnight. The next day soak them in xylene until
the coverslip material has dissolved. Do not agitate the slides during this
step. Then you have two slides which you may treat as usual. Some important
notes: Wear gloves during the whole procedure. The oil on your skin will cause
the sections to fall off. Also make sure the float bath has no adhesives in
it. Just distilled water. Any proteins in the bath will act just like the oil
on your finger. I cant remember the product name or manufacturer. If you want
I'll post that later.
Amos Brooks

"P. Emry" wrote:

> Hi friends,
> I have lost a block.  I have sections from it on slides that didn't hold
> up during
> the brdu process, tissues came off the slides. The slides were ones that I
> had
> coated myself with silane.  Now I have the super plus slides I bought and
> wanted to cut some sections using them to see if we could get the tissues
> to stay on them..alas, lost the block.
> Is there any way to transfere the tissues off of the first slides on to
> the second slides or some treatment of the first slides with the tissues
> on them that would help prevent the tissues from falling off?
> Thanks,
> Trisha

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