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Re the discussion about salaries.

If you are a state employee and therefore receiving salary from state funds it is
the right of the public (from whom these funds are generated) to know what you
I believe that this is covered by the freedom of information act.
All state funds are funds that are accountable and as a member of the public you
have the right to see them or ask your attorney general of that state to make them
available to you.
If you are working for a private organization that is trickier, however if I were a
customer of that organization I would expect to be able to find out what their
charges are based on. These should be times of accountability. Covertness breeds
discontent and suspicion and allows misuses to occur.
I also have a lot of problems with the question that arose that requests for
salaries are to be made by the personnel department. These are the individuals with
whom you are often negotiating for salary increases.

LuAnn Anderson wrote:

> Responding to the message of <>
> from Amos Brooks <>:
> And, I have the right to decide whether or not I want to disclose the
> information regarding my salary and to whom!!!
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