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Good question, but I don't think anyone will have a good answer to staining CD4 and CD8 in murine FFPE tissue if that's what your asking. I fix all IHC for only 24 hours for starters. We  have had some success with human CD8 on murine tissue with microwave retrieval but it has not been repeated yet. If you find a good answer please inform the histonet.

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>>> Simon Smith <> 04/20 12:22 PM >>>
OK Histonet, time for you to answer these questions for the 694th time:

  What antisera are you using to demonstrate lymphocytes in formalin fixed
paraffin embedded mouse tissues?

  How long are you fixing?

  Are you performing any "antigen retrieval" via heat or enzymes, and if so
what are you using?

And this question for the first time:

  If mouse is murine, rabbit is lapine, what is a rat?

Thanks in advance


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