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From:"Becky Scholes" <>,
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Paulo - I'll add to Linda's reply below by adding that I notice that Leica 
also is introducing a hundred pound portable crytostat.  Apparently you can 
plug in the cryostat while you are driving to pre-cool the unit before you 
arrive.  I'm looking into this for my pathologists who also travel to many 
outlying hospitals.  We visited your lovely city in February.  Especially in 
such heat, I think the Leica, with its added feature, might be just what you 
need.  As far as a CO2 unit, maybe someone still has one back in the 
archives of their storage.  Good luck, either way!

Becky in Des Moines

>From: Linda Cherepow <>
>Subject: cryostats
>Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 08:00:13 -0700
>Paulo - Have you seen the Hacker cryostat.  They have a portable cryostat
>that can be carried in the back of a car.  It has been used quite a lot by
>pathologists who do frozen sections at many hospitals.  Hacker Industries 
>in New Jersey but also in Europe so you should be able to find a vendor.
>Cheryl Crowder
>LSU Sch.. of Vet. Med

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