Re: bone marrow aspirates

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From:"David Anderson" <>
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I once worked in a lab where we fixed bone marrow aspirates in Bouin's, then 
processed them in an empty tea bag. We used the bag as a filter, then 
wrapped it up, put bag and all in a cassette and processed it. Worked pretty 
David Anderson

>From: "a i d a n   s c h u r r" <>
>Subject: bone marrow aspirates
>Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 12:33:11 +1300
>Hello out there in Histoland!
>Interested to know what we all are using to wrap/contain bone
>marrow aspirates during processing.  Here in my lab we are
>currently using cigarette papers, but these are a pain to unwrap
>once soaked in wax.  I'm looking at trialing our small biopsy cages
>that we use for some histo's, but am concerned about the aspirate
>being too cellular, and flowing through the mesh.  Any
>suggestions/comments would be welcome.
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