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Hello, Sandi,

I have been subscribing to the Tech Samples for the last 4 years, and I
would recommend them for CMLE credits, especially if you don't have access
to a lot of workshops/lectures/conventions. I live in a rural area of the
West, where it takes at least a day's drive, and more often, a flight to get
to a workshop. With time and money being scarce, this is an easy way to
accumulate CMLE's - and at your own pace. You have 2 years to complete the
year's-worth of lessons. (It's amazing how that time suddenly flies and you
realize you had better get busy on them!) Most of the lessons have been very
informative - my only complaint has been that they lean heavily towards
 IHC - which we don't perform in our small hospital lab. However, we do send
out cases for IHC, so it doesn't hurt me one bit to learn about these
procedures. I would like to see some basic techniques covered every once in
a while, so that us newer-folks won't be scared off. There is an evaluation
form that you send in with your answer sheet, which allows you to make
comments and suggestions.
As far as cost goes, what doesn't cost a fortune in our specialization? You
can claim it on your tax return as a job-related expense. - Shar

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> Hello
> Has any one tried the Tech Sample for continuing education ,and CMLE
> for Histology? Is it worth the money?
> Thank you
> sandi miller
> MRICD research
> Md

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