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From:Brown Alex <>
To:HistoNet <>

 Perhaps some will disagree about these perceived virtues of the
 CO2 freezing microtome!

OK John, I will.
I thought they were a real pain in the @??
We used to carry out occassional diagnostic frozens at a couple of sattelite
labs, and we had the freezing microtomes as back up in case the cryostats
were out of action ( I'm sure we still have one in a cupboard somewhere ).
I've also used them in the past ( dim and distant ) for fat 'stains' on
free-floating sections.
	 Labs in the UK are rarely airconditioned so in Scotland, when we
had the odd day that passes for summer ( i.e. warm ), it was somewhat tricky
keeping the block and knife at a reasonable temperature. Especially when you
discover that the CO2 cylinder is almost empty.  I suppose the use of
'cryo-sprays' might obviate the need for CO2 cylinders nowadays though.
	In any event, I have to say I don't mourn their passing, though they
were a challenge ( when you had time to 'play' )
		Alex Brown
		Crosshouse Hospital
		Kilmarnock, Scotland.

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