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Dear Becky,
                       Tissue Tek II cryostat parts can sometimes be
extremely hard to obtain pending on the source.   You probably already
tried,  but it would not hurt to call IMEB Inc.    800-543-8496.  Speak with
Patrick or Larry.     Good Luck

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From: Becky Scholes <>
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Date: Friday, April 21, 2000 12:01 AM
Subject: Tissue-TekII Crytostats

>Hi, Histonetters!
>   I have some bad news for all you that are currently relying on
>Tissue-TekII cryostats.  Recently we called Bayer for a microtome part, and
>they said that as if May 1, they will no longer provide telephone  support,
>instrument repair, or refurbishments.  This is the result of
>their "inability to obtain parts and components".  We got a copy of the
>letter sent out to some people who were in their warranty record file.  (I
>was, too, I thought!)  The letter was dated February 25, 2000.  My favorite
>repairman, who works for a a well-known histology equipment company, had no
>idea this was going down either!  Bayer included in its letter four
>Tissue-Tek II service providers, located in Georgia, New Jersey,
>and Arizona.  The Tissue-Tek II cryostats are good ol' work horses.  The
>company is taking advantage of the Taft-Hartley Act (manufacturing was
>discontinued in 1993).  Why couldn't IEC have done that for their old
>clunkers a long time ago, instead of Tissue-Tek?  Anybody else out there
>that is going to be in a bind?  We have over 6 Tissue-Tek II's that we rely
>Slightly torked,
>Becky Scholes
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