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Aliquot the antibody and then freeze at -70. After that you need only take 
out what you need for an experiment.

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Subject: Thawing of Antibodies
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 09:19:26 EDT

I just recently discovered this list server, and am interested in a topic
that I believe was discussed previously. Rather than start a repetitive
dialogue, I would appreciate if someone could let me know the approximate
dates during which troubleshooting with antibody thawing was discussed. Or 
I am mistaken, and this hasn't been discussed recently.... I am having a
problem with some antibodies used in staining of brain tissue -some of them
just aren't lasting as long as would be expected. I haven't been able to pin
point why this is occurring, but I heard there was talk that there is a text
book way of thawing the antibodies for making dilutions. Any help in this
area would be greatly appreciated.
Washington University Medical School
St. Louis, MO

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