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Yes I still have the form here, its  Tech Sample 2000
Histology   order# 4527   price $55.oo  as a ASCP member you receive 10% off 
so it will be $49.50
telephone orders to  877-272-7773
or email to
you will receive 6 credits when finished
30 day guarantee if not happy mail it back
You could send: your   name ,  address  ,  phone#  , ASCP member # (to get 
the discount)
Mail to
Tech Sample
Dept 77-3462
Chicago, IL  60678-3462
****** Check payable to ASCP Press*****or use a Visa , MasterCard or Amex 
When using credit card they want your card#   Expiration date and Signature.
I hope this helps
I think I would call for a brochure .]
Good Luck
I plan on taking this course also.
Take care
sandi miller
MRICD research

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