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From:Robert Schoonhoven <>
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I'd be willing to bet that if John doesn't have that 2nd edition he has
other references to these procedures.  I have.  Culling, 3rd edition
pages 392 & 393 for the Gram-Weigert's Method for gram positive
organisms and Thompson & Hunt pages 1032 & 1033 for the Verhoeff's
Carbol Fuchsin methode.  Feeling old today.......

Send me your fax # and I'll get them out to you. wrote:
> I need help in locating two procedures from the 2nd edition of Staining
> Procedures used the the BSC.  Could someone out there help me?
> The two procedures I am looking for are Gram-Weigert's Method for gram positive
> organisms and Verhoeff's Carbol Fuchsin.  Do deter other suggestions, I do know
> other stains will do the same, but I am looking for these.
> Believe it or not John Kiernan does not have a copy that old.
> Thanks
> Rande Kline, HT (ASCP)
> Technical Services
> EM Science

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