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Dear Histonetters,
                     Finally had a chance to review my 500+ emails.  Many of
you inquired on the new Cell*Prep from American Biosafety.   I am confident
that many of you called the  main office to inquire on additional
information and samples.   Larry Larson, American Biosafety asked me to let
everyone know that trial size samples are available at $ 20.00 each.
                    In response to the tech questions,  I suggest everyone
that is performing some type of IHC methods using preparation or antigen
enhancements solutions using heat,  should consider trying Cell*Prep.
Cell*Prep may not work with all IHC methods and primary antibodies,  but if
you can reduce your steaming, pressure cooking and microwaving by 70%, I
think its validity in laboratory slide preparation will prove a wide
acceptance by many laboratories.


Rudy Gutierrez

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Date: Friday, April 21, 2000 12:06 PM
Subject: RE: Auto-Microtome

>Richard Allan Scientific now owns Microm.  Please call RAS in Kalamazoo,
>to find out who covers your area, 800-522-7270.
>Evanne Maher
>Richard Allan/Microm
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>> Hi Sandi---
>> We have been using Zeiss Microm 355 automated microtomes for several
>> years and are very pleased with their performance.
>> Gwen Hildebrand
>> York Hospital
>> York,PA
>> On Thu, 13 Apr 2000 wrote:
>>> Dear Histonet friends
>>> Can someone recommend an automatic microtome I should check out to
>>> Also please tell me why you like your's and if you tried a different one
>>> you disliked that one. Thank You !!!!!!!!!
>>> Sandi Miller
>>> MRICD research
>>> Md
>>> (

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