Re: Microwave staining/drying racks

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    We have the Sakura stainer and coverslipper.  We purchased them at the 
same time.  In fact we purchased 2 stainers.  One for histology, and the 
other for pap smears.  We coverslip our pap smears on the automated 
coverslipper as well.  Some people say that they have trouble coverslipping 
pap smears, but we have had no problem for 3 years now.  Yes, our racks are 
compatible.  I always said that the coverslipper was the best employee they 
ever hired.  It is VERY fast, dries the same day, never calls in sick and 
doesn't take vacation.  Our slide stainers and coverslipper were a great 
investment.  I recommend them to everyone.  

Jeanie Wade, H. T.

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