Re: Looking for sources of human tissue for research

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From:Susan Q Wells <>
To:Victoria Baker <>
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I have found the CHTN eastern division invaluable to my research.
You will need to fill out a research protocol but it isn't too
cumbersome.Ther prices are great and the staff is helpful and
courteous. There number is 215 662 4570.
I have recently gotten the name of another company called
Novagen. Ther number is
800 526 7319.

Good luck!


Victoria Baker wrote:

> Hi!
> I'm in need of a source for human tissue.  We would
> like to get the tissue in blocks, not slides.  Because
> of all the restrictions and legal issues it has been
> difficult (and VERY expensive) to get it.  At the
> moment we are looking for prostatic cancers, but will
> be looking for other tissues in the future.
> This is strictly for research purposes.  Our research
> deals with rat and mouse tissue only, but some of our
> studies are advancing where we need to look for human
> tissue.
> We would prefer not to get it from a corporation, but
> from a hospital or similar facility.  If anyone can
> help or give me some information it would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Vikki Baker
> American Health Foundation
> One Dana Road
> Valhalla, New York
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