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Carmen Buttegieg ( at St. Luke's Hospital in
Malta asks for histology journals. Carmen, do you need general medical or
pathology journals there also? (If I might ask, how do you pronounce

Our first posting from Malta on Histonet! Everybody know where Malta is? This
remarkable island in the eastern Mediterranean is one my wife and I have been
plotting to visit, if it's accessible to a woman with two artificial knee
joints. She's interested in ancient goddess cults, of which Malta has some of
the most important archeological remains, and I'm interested in learning more
about the language, a unique europeanized and christianized geographical form
of north African Arabic (as well as having historical ties to the place as a
Freemason.) While touristing a fossil mammoth site in western South Dakota
this past week, my wife and I learned that Malta is also one of the four
islands in the world that had pygmy mammoths (is that like jumbo shrimp??)

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville, Tennessee USA

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