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Thanks for the advice Tim.
 I plan on getting certified just so I can pull  more than the $60,000/yr  I 
make.  And that's without a bachelor's. :-)
I took on "work far beyond " my "original description"  in order to make more 
money.  I worked as an HT and trained as a PA  from '90-92 for $12/hr. Then 
from 93-95 for $14/hr.  So I feel like I have paid my "dues".
I finally made a breakthrough in salary in '97 to $43,000. 
All of this was not done on the institution's part..........nor the 
pathologist.  I had to quit a couple of times and go to other hospitals.  I 
even had to work as a HT when I didn't have a PA job.  I filled my library 
with anything I could get ahold of to make me a good PA.
I don't see my position as a  "problem" or "luck".  
The pathologist is not "free" to have anyone do gross.  Read the CLIA regs 
regarding personnel doing gross.
I think you would be surprised at the number of techs doing gross.  That's 
why I suggested the idea of organizing.  We need to establish a "standing" .  
We've waited long enough to be recognized and/or compensated.  
Isn't it the squeaky wheel that gets the oil?

Noncertified HT/PA ,


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